Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Can you survive this Death Pool at Cabongaoan Beach in Pangasinan?

Summer's been cancelled this year, but I'm happy life is slowly going back to normal even though it's taking a bit longer than expected. International travels are now allowed although highly discouraged for everyone's safety. For the meantime, it's best to plan for domestic travel. One of the places you should include in your travel list is this Death Pool at Cabongaoan Beach in Burgos, Pangasinan.   

My friend Geraldine and I wanted to go somewhere not many tourists know of. I was 5 months pregnant at this time so I had a few things to consider during this trip. We did a bit of research but we didn't look deep into what to expect. All we knew was that there was a beautiful beach and a Death Pool. 

Cabongaoan Beach's golden sand was almost as fine as Boracay's. We lounged for hours on the beach - tanning, chatting, and drinking (water for me of course). The sunset was so beautiful - pictures don't do justice. 

It had that orange-pink glimmer that would make you want to stare at it for days. It's best to bring your own food to be cooked at the resort since there's only a couple of reliable restaurants in the area. We didn't come prepared so scavenging for a decent meal was quite a challenge. Nevertheless, we were able to manage with the help of some locals.  

If you walk walk further to the right side of the shore, you would notice some rock formations that would lead you to the Death Pool. 

There was a bit of a hike, but it's pretty manageable. Just make sure to bring proper foot wear. 

The view from the top was amazing. It was soothing to see and hear the waves crashing into the rocks. 

Geraldine was seeking for more thrill so she decided to go down to enjoy more of the waves. Eventually, we realized how dangerous it was since the current was really strong and the waves could eventually reel you in the middle of the Ocean. The rocks were a bit slippery too. So No! It's not for the faint of heart.

After some time, we decided to go down to the Death Pool which is natural tidal pool that drains out and then gets filled in as big waves pass through. Jumping inside the Death Pool is definitely for thrill-seekers, but they must be good swimmers as well. 

Jumping in the tidal pool looks so enticing as it gets filled in, but the challenge would be getting out as it empties. The current's so strong it sucks you under the pool. The waves could also cause you to hit yourself on the rocks. Despite the dangers and risks, people still want to do it. I don't have any videos but here's a short clip from "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Ang ‘death pool’ ng Pangasinan".

I can't wait to go back once this pandemic is over!

Cabongaoan Beach and Death Pool

The directions using Waze is pretty accurate and it would take about 6-7 hours from Manila to reach Burgos Pangasinan. Be prepared for the rough road ahead. 

Travel Tips:

1. Bring your own food, there aren't much restaurants around. 
2. Bring a pair of shoes good enough to hike with.
3. Spend at least 3 days, 2 nights to maximize fully maximize the beauty of Burgos. 
4. Book your accommodation ahead of time, but if you're not able to find one, you can just walk-in to the nearby resort just as we did.
5. Withdraw money at the town proper. ATMs are very far from the beach. 
6. Explore the other tourist attractions. Ask the resort for some tips on which places to see. I was 5 months pregnant so my movement was a bit limited.