Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Potipot Island: Every Castaway's Beach Bumming Paradise

Bikini Season has just begun and I bet all of you have been starting to plot out the different beaches you want to visit this Summer. If you were to ask me, I'd prefer to go to a secluded island where I can do nothing but lounge on the sand, under the sun. I don't think I could recommend a more prefect place than Potipot Island in Zambales.

After a long, hard week at work, all I wanted was to be isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city. We heard very little about this island, but we were also very keen on being castaways in this little piece of heaven in Zambales.

Honestly, there's not much to do. However, what grew on me was the peace and serenity the island offered. Once you get dropped off at the island, you will notice a lot of tents set-up all around. Don't go there! Well, not if you want to have a world of your own. Tourists would usually settle for the area that they first see, but if you take a little more effort to walk around, you can find just the perfect spot for you, away from everyone else. I would suggest going towards the left back part of the island where you can catch an amazing sunset.

We really enjoyed being castaways and having our own little world. My favourite spot on the island is the part near the shore where the giant driftwood is located. We were happy that no one else thought about hanging around at this spot. It was very picturesque and it made me feel like it was Fall. It looked so different from the other parts of the island.

Potipot is all about beach bumming, peace, detachment and relaxation. It felt so perfect. You would especially enjoy it if you're looking for a place to clear your head of all the stress and tension.

We stayed at our special spot for hours and hours, and we weren't bored not one bit. All we needed was food, alcohol, good music, and lots of stories to exchange. If you have the energy, it would also be nice to go around the island just to check out the different spots. I heard from other people that you can also ask a boatman to take you to the nearby islands.

Some fishermen may sell freshly-caught fishes, however it is still best to bring your own. You may use the pots, and grillers lying around at no extra cost.

Be sure you catch the sunset as well.

If you plan to stay overnight, the sunrise can be pretty amazing too.

I can't wait to go back!

How to Get There:  We took a Victory Liner Bus from the Pasay Terminal. Take the bus bound for Sta. Cruz Zambales. Get dropped off at Brgy. Uacon’s public market in Candelaria where you can buy your food for the rest of your stay. From the market, ask a tricycle to take you to the jump-off point for Potipot. We took the last ride to Zambales at around midnight, just in time to get to the island at sunrise (Be sure to call in advanced for ticket availability as well). From the jump off point, take a boat to the island.

Travel Time: about 5-6 hours by bus, 12 minutes by trike, and 10 minutes by boat.

Accommodation: You may camp at the island or rent tents and cottages, but if you would prefer to stay at a resort, you may pick any that you like just along the jump-off point.


Victory Liner bus roundtrip - about 900 php/ pax

Food and drinks from the market - 250/pax

Tricycle from market to jump-off point - 70 php

Roundtrip boat to and from the island - 400 php/ 200php one way (good for 6 pax, would be nice if you could find people to share the boat with if you're less than 6 pax just so you could cut down on expenses)

Entrance Fee for the island camping overnight- 300 php (100 php for daytrip) 

Tricylce from jump-off point to terminal back to Manila - 100 php