Wednesday, April 22, 2015

24 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Hong Kong with Your Best Girl Friends

Imagine. Four daysThree girlsHong Kong. It was one of the best trips I've had. I couldn’t have enjoyed this weekend if it weren’t for the company of my best girl friends! 

1. You will get to plan an awesome itinerary together

There’s nothing like going to a city you barely know and mapping out a plan of action for when you get there.  Hong Kong has a lot of nooks and niches that you need to discover, and a lot of it remains unspoken. You may not get to go to all the places you initially intended to but that won’t matter cause it’ll give you another reason to go back.

2. Lan Kwai Fong is the perfect place for a Girls’ Night Out

Party hard as LKF shows you what a street party is all about. The whole stretch consists of restaurants, bars, and clubs that cater to all types of party-goers.

Barhopping won’t be a problem as you can easily walk from one bar to another, with each niche offering a little something special and unique.

Drinks at LKF can be a little pricey. To save on cash, you can pregame by buying drinks at 7/11 located literally at every corner of LKF and party at the streets like everyone else.

3. You can be a tourist by day and be a party animal at night

Imagine a setting a few minutes away from both the party and a scenic view! It’s every girl’s dream vacation come true! Aside from the parties, we were also able to go to some tourist spots in Hong Kong. However, due to time constraint, we weren’t able to go to all the places in our itinerary. 

4. You will get to see a different side of Hong Kong at Stanley 

It was a soothing walk with a breath-taking view.

You can also go up to the Lover's Terrace and write down a cheezy note of some sort to express some romantic sentiment for/ with your lover (haha!).

I've been here a couple of times but I never get sick of just sitting on the rocks to appreciate the Hong Kong view, plus I also get to go people-watching. You can also check out Stanley Market for some thrift buys.


South District, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, China

5. You can get physical as you go hiking and be swept away by the scenic view at the Tai Tam Country Park and Reservoir

There are lots to do at Tai Tam but you can simply follow the trail and enjoy the sweeping sight as you bond over senseless or life-changing conversations.

Tai Tam Country Park and Reservoir

Located at Hong Kong East and just a few minutes away from Stanley

6. You will get a chance to achieve your "day-off" poses at the Avenue of the Stars

We simply cannot get over the views in Hong Kong! Can you tell?

Some guy even asked us to take his "day-off" pose for him. Yup. We made a new friend.

As you stroll around Avenue of the Stars, you will notice that it is actually modelled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame as you walk past the stars on the ground with names of different Chinese personalities.

We spent a couple of hours here. Reason: Aside from the view, and the cool breeze, FREE WIFI by the benches! You'll soon find it if you get lucky. 

Avenue of the Stars

Located along the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade next to the southern end of Salisbury Garden

7. The beach is not too far away

You can tell people you did other things aside from partying and shopping.

It was quite relaxing to be remote from the hustle and bustle of the city proper. Lounge by the beach and enjoy the fresh air and sun especially after a hard night out.

Stanley Main Beach 

Stanley Beach Road
+852 2555 0103

8. The 360 degree view of Hong Kong at The Peak will leave you breathless

The view 428 meters above sea level is especially stunning. It can get really cold so be sure to bring a jacket or a scarf. 

The Peak also offers other activities such as The Peak Tram (a must-try!!!), dining, art, shopping, and many more! You can get to The Peak via the Peak Tram at Central, or by bus.

The Peak Hong Kong

1 Lugard Rd, Hong Kong, China (Formerly Tai Ping Shan)

9. Filipinos are everywhere

There’s nothing like going to a place and seeing people of your kind. Every bar we went to literally had at least 2 Filipino staff employed there. It was quite comforting and made us feel closer to home. If you’re nice enough they may even give you some freebies!

10. Being vain and taking (lots of) selfies won’t be a problem


You know what they say, selfie selfie pag may time. We grabbed every selfie opportunity we could get!

11. You will get to meet lots of new people

Spending four days in Hong Kong will really test your people skills. If you aren’t usually friendly and approachable back home, Hong Kong will teach you that being friendly is the only way to get by. From asking directions, to small talks, or maybe even having a drink or two with a stranger wouldn’t be the same without the company of your girl friends.

12.  No one will complain even if it takes you hours to get ready

What to wear? We took 10893469834 hours to get ready, and after 187128731287312 outfit changes, still no problem.

13. If you get sick of the clothes you packed, you can simply borrow from each other

Being limited to a certain combination of clothes in your luggage is nerve-racking! When all else fails, borrow some from your BFF’s! I'd like to think that Hong Kong is a very fashion-forward city.

14. Petty fights won’t ruin your trip

May it be cause of the long walks, the cold (or sometimes warm) weather, the early flight, getting lost, the mixed emotions on what to wear, or simply cause youre taking wayyyyy too many selfies, etc, etc, it wouldn’t matter cause no one understands you better than your BFF’s. Despite the uptightness, your trip will not be ruined at all as you are bound to forget all about it in about 5 seconds.

15. You can binge on anything you want

“Let’s get fat together! If you’re fat, then I’m fat.”

My after-hours go-to place at LKF will always be Ebeneezers. You cannot miss out binging on their kebabs and burritos, especially after a night out. It's the perfect place for late-night snacking.

When in Hong Kong, enjoy Chinese Food, of course! We tried the one at Stanley at the ground floor but I forgot what the name is called since it was in Chinese.

Ebeneezer's Kebab and Pizzeria

G/F, 6 Lan Kwai Fong, Lan Kwai Fong
2114 0555

16. You can be a mess together

And when I say mess, I both mean literally and figuratively. You can be weird, crazy, and even out of this world. It’s not that we don’t do it already back home, but there’s something about Hong Kong that makes you want to do strange and unusual things. Go wild! 

17. Being hopeless romantic will never feel so good

The scenic views in Hong Kong makes you want to spend it with that special someone. However, being in that moment, at that place, with your best girlfriends will make you realize that that’s all the romance you’ve been wanting this whole time.

18. It will always be a picture-perfect moment

Every view, no matter how uninteresting, unflattering, or irrelevant, will always be a photo-op for you and your girlfriends. 

19. The shopping will make you go ballistic

Shopping for hours? No need to worry about anyone being bored or feeling out of place. Hong Kong has one of the best shopping districts. Go to Causeway bay, Mongkok, Times Square, Soho, Stanley, and TST. There are more places to shop and I'm sure you can find more tips online. Be sure to compare the cost of things and ask for a bargain price.

20. You will learn to overcome your fear of public transportation

Public transportation is something we highly dread in the Philippines as our safety will always be questionable. Being with my girlfriends riding the MTR and cabs around Hong Kong (which is how you’ll get around) will never feel safer as you altogether develop that confidence in being able to get around easily on the streets. Public transportation in Hong Kong is very safe and efficient.

21. There will be no boundaries

Just be you.

22. No one will cringe if you get mushy with your cuddle buddy

I don't know bout you but I do enjoy the PDA with my bff's.

23. Together, you will learn to become more independent

Lost? Don’t give up, just keep going. After all, there’s no one else to rely on but yourselves. It’ll help to have a map and GPS, but when all else fails, just trust your gut and ask around for directions.

24. You’ll remember every moment for the rest of your lives

You will always want to remember how crazy and carefree you were in the streets of Hong Kong. Every moment will be an opportunity for smiles and laughter. You will find something funny in the most random things.