Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Exploring the Beauty of Mt. Daraitan

We were able to once again commit ourselves to do another hike. This time, it proved to be more challenging than the usual as it took us a total of 10 hours to and from the summit. Nevertheless, it gave all of us a sense of completion and accomplishment. Who would’ve thought that I could survive a 10-hr hike?

Hooking up a hike to Daraitan was rather easy. 

The people were friendly and honest. All you need to do is go to the Barangay Hall and ask them to help you out with the hike. Pay all the necessary fees and you're good to go. 

The biggest challenge we had at Mt. Daraitan was the muddy situation. It rained 2 days before and everything was wet, moist, and muddy, but this is highly expected considering Mt. Daraitan is a rainforest. It’s very important to wear footwear with strong grip

I highly recommend camping at the peak, waiting for the sunset and the sunrise then going to the cave, Tinapak river, and waterfalls the next day. However, we were only able to do a day-hike.

Ten hours went by so fast. It seemed like forever in the beginning but next thing we know, it’s past sunset.  Good conversations and the company of friends made the trip worthwhile despite the challenging and muddy trail.

When you get to the top, you will find yourself in awe of the beautiful Daraitan river that seemed to go endlessly. I've never seen a river in that perspective. 

I was more so astounded by the rockies. It was relaxing to just sit there and take lots of photos (of yourself?) as you enjoy the spectacular view.

We were very muddy and filthy by the end of the hike, so it was just fitting that we passed by the waterfalls to clean up. 

It can get pretty dangerous once the sun goes out, so it is crucial to make use of your time wisely. Do not forget to take a breather and munch on trail snacks in between hikes.

At the end of the hike, we decided to just have our shower and dinner there. Ask your tour guide about this and he will lead you to a place where you can shower and eat. Food prices are rather cheap but don't expect for an intricate dish. We had pancit canton, a sketchy burger, and some rum, of course. 

I fell asleep on the ride back home although it seemed scary at first as there were no lights on the rocky road. However, you need not to fear anything as the community seemed like they were pretty honest and friendly. 

I wish we were able to manage our time wisely so we could've had the chance to see more of Daraitan. Have a safe hike! 


Jeepney ride from Shaw Boulevard Station to Tanay Public Market – 60php
Round trip Tricycle Ride from Public Market to Daraitan  for 4pax– 1400php/ group of four (if you’re planning to do an overnight stay, which I recommend, just pay half and look for another trike to go back to the public market) 
Boat ride – 5php
Tricycle Ride to Barangay Hall -10php
Environmental Fee – 20php
Headlamp – 30php (you will need this if you’re going to go caving and spelunking or doing an overnight)
Tour Guide Fee – 600php/ group of four
Tip - 200php/ group of four
Shower – 20php
Food and drinks - about 600php
Tricycle Ride from Barangay Hall to river -10php
Boat ride back – 5php
Jeepney ride from Tanay Public Market to Shaw Boulevard Station – 60php

Approx. total each for a group of four: 890php / person


At least 3 liters of H20
Headlight/ Flashlight
Food (crackers, sandwich, lunch, etc.)
Plastic bag
Ziplocks (for electronics)
Small towel
Change of clothes (top, bottom, undergarments, socks)
Toiletries in small containers/ sachets (soap, shampoo, etc.)
Insect repellant