Sunday, September 28, 2014

John Legend All of Me Tour in Manila: Selfies, Serenades, Videos and Photobombings

I can’t even begin to express how excited I was when I found out THE LEGEND was coming to Manila for his All of Me Tour! John Legend never fails to deliver unfathomable music.

John Legend is beyond compare! I do not know of any other artist as incredible and as naturally talented as him!

His songs are like lullabies, slowly caressing you into what may seem like somber just because it hits you right where it hurts! Like what they say in Filipino, “May pinaghuhugutan”.

Aside from the impressive melody, his songs are so relatable in every inch and note that I have never even encountered a human being who does not like his music.

John Legend is simply pure talent all wrapped up in one sexy man. The moment we entered Araneta I couldn’t help but shiver. It felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. John Legend’s All of Me Tour left me speechless!

It was to no surprise that Araneta was a full-house. Words are not enough to describe how sexy his voice is! It felt like I was close to vomiting and crying at the same time!

He played his hit singles, Greenlight, PDA (we just don’t care), Save Room, Ordinary People, and his unending ALL OF ME!

Being inches away from him was literally a dream come true. He serenaded the crowd, which consisted mostly of lovers, with his pleasurable music. I suppose he built up date night for all couples out there that night! Watching John Legend live is obviously a date to remember for the rest of your life!

John Legend’s wife is one a lucky woman! Every look and glimpse felt like he was serenading me, only me, ALL OF ME!!!!! His seductive eyes lure you into nothing but a love bubble!

His connection with the audience was impressive. I actually expected him to be a snob, to just do his thing and nothing else. But I was completely wrong! I think he might’ve even winked at me when I waved at him, or at least I hope he did!

His set was simple yet every minute detail made it seem extravagant. There were no shebangs, fireworks, costume change, or even confetti, just him, ALL OF HIM!

The way the lights beamed on his face, the way he struck his piano, the way the classical instruments sounded, his voice, and the way he looked, seemed all too perfect!

I couldn’t help but bring out the fan girl in me!!! I was too desperate to have a picture WITH him! I might’ve even taken one too many photo of this kind.

John Legend concerts need no excessive production. All of him is enough!

The crowd went ballistic when he performed his encore with his top notching hit single, ALL OF ME! I was in tears when this played! He was even looking right at the camera!

My heart skipped a beat more than couple of times during the concert!

Bye Bye John!

John, you're amazing! Marry me!!!

I wish this night lasted forrreeeeverrrrrrrr! It was truly Legen.....fucking.....dary!