Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hoochies Paint the Town Reckless

I needed to wear something that can go on from night till day. A day filled with errands plus a night of unwinding meant I had to be in something versatile. This romper provided easy movement but the bold print portrays an "out-there" vibe.  

There's nothing like ending the day with the company of your girlfriends! We needed to unwind, let loose, chat, and... gossip?! Life is indeed too short. So, we made a pact not to be "Lolas"anymore. 

The prim and proper night ended with a house party for a friend's birthday. Happy Birthday Allen! The rest is.. history. We've been too controlling and planned with our lives that we finally decided to go back to old habits. It's been a while!

Selfie amidst the stoplight

I'm only sure of one thing: I woke up beside a pretty lady...

... and with a boot on her car, plus some additional monetary damages. The most important thing is that we had fun and we're charging all of it to experience!

Romper: Forever 21
Neckpiece: Aldo Accessories
Watch: Michael Kors, a gift from my love
Arm Party: Terranova 
Shoes: Cotton On
Lippie Shade: Mac Retro Matte

Outfit Shots: Stephanie Legaspi 

House Party Photography: Neil Ong