Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beautiful Cebu!

One of the perks of being a teacher is the number of holidays and free time we get in a year aside from the very rewarding task we already obviously have. During my breaks, I make it a point that I get a chance to travel.

I was given the opportunity to stay at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa Mactan which was indeed a paradise! You can read more about my stay there at

I didn’t want that weekend to end. It was the most relaxed I ever was. I could get used to waking up with a cool breeze of fresh air and greenery surrounding me.

Our room was literally a step away from the man-made lagoon of the resort, which made it very convenient to just take a plunge whenever we wanted to. The Themed Nights and Themed Breakfast is something to look forward to.

There were a lot of things to do at Plantation Bay, and each day was different.

We literally swam whenever we wanted to, hence the very tanned skin. But, I didn’t mind. The amount of fun we had made the burnt skin totally worth it.

On our third day, we finally decided to step out of paradise and explore the city of Cebu. It was about an hour drive away from where we were staying. Our first stop was Ayala Mall. Adrianne had the best ribs he’s ever had (well, according to him). Your Cebu trip wouldn’t be complete without it. The Casa Verde Ribs for only 200+ PHP was huge! We were there 15 minutes before opening yet I was surprised to see a long cue already.

As pumped up as we were, we decided to go to Crown Regency Hotel which is just a 10-15 minute cab ride from the mall. It is the tallest building in the Philippines and it houses the Sky Experience Adventure, a first in the Philippines. Your Cebu trip wouldn’t be complete without it.

There are 4 activities to choose from but we got the package with three sky adventures: Sky Walk Extreme, Tower Zip, and Edge Coaster.

I seemed brave at first but when I saw the drop at the Tower Zip, I couldn’t help but shiver! Took me a lot of convincing from the zip line operators but then I eventually took the risk.

Our next sky adventure was the Edge Coaster where it goes around the hotel with a view of the Cebu skyline. It’s located on the 38th floor and is 130.84 meters above ground.

The last activity we did was the Sky Walk Extreme at the 37th floor, 126.55 meters from the ground. We walked around the hotel on glass floors. A bonus was the Cebu tour we had from the staff. He gave us top tip places to go to in the Cebu. You could see a panoramic view of Cebu City from up there, and you’ll be surprised to know that the tourist spots are closer than expected.

They even had wall climbing at the Sky Experience Adventure but we were note brave enough to actually try it. The best we could do was this! 

A photo op was necessary of course. I didn’t want to waste the stunning view.

Cebu looks beautiful from up there! 

After that intense activity, we took a cab ride to the Sto. Niño Basilica Cathedral. Outside the church I noticed people lighting candles as they prayed silently. The candles are free but there are boxes where you can drop your donations after you say a little prayer. 

They also sold balloons outside, which I found rather cute.

After that, we headed on over to see Magellan’s Cross but it was unfortunately being reconstructed =(

Just a couple of blocks away, you’ll find the Plaza Independencia which is basically a park where people hangout to chill and relax. It was quite a pretty site. At that area also, you’ll find Fort San Pedro which was built during the Spanish time. There was so much history in that infrastructure.

There you’ll see canons surrounding the building because it was basically built to protect the Spanish during that time.

Our last day at Cebu was emotional. Wish I could just be on a vacation forever. 

We made sure that we maximised our last day. We got ourselves to try out the indoor firing range and archery. It was my first time to shoot a gun, and I tried my hardest to stay calm and not freak out!

Actual wall climbing!

We ended our last day with a relaxing massage at the spa and good food at Fiji restaurant. It was a joy exploring Cebu. I wish it didn’t end. More than R&R, it was also nice to know more about the Philippines during the Spanish times. 

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