Thursday, July 17, 2014

A’Toda Madre: You Will Never Look at Tequila the Same Way Again! The First Tequila Bar in the Metro Shows You A Different Side of This Misunderstood Drink

I’m pretty sure most of us have had those one-too-many-shots days which makes us question ourselves: “What the hell happened?!”. My poison will always be Tequila, but it never fails to get the worst of me! I can go on and on and on about the number of embarrassing moments and countless poor life choices I’ve made cause of this popular alcoholic beverage, but I won’t as it can take us here forever.

There’s a Tequila Bar located just along the streets of Makati that takes Tequila on a whole new level - A’Toda Madre. The name literally translates to “something totally awesome!”, and believe me, once you go here, you will never look at Tequila the same way again.

Sante Perreras, one of the owners of A’Toda Madre expressed to us how Tequila is simply a misunderstood drink. He, together with his brother Aljor and long time friend Carlos Muños, decided to open up a Mexican restaurant/ Tequila Bar – the first in the metro- with the intent to serve authentic Mexican dishes and to hopefully “defend” and eradicate the bad correlation people have of tequila.  

This quaint resto-bar, located on what used to be Sunnette Tower’s lobby, is simply breath-taking. The interior is inspired by the colourful Mexico. Aside from the extensive display and list of best Tequilas, which basically started off as a collection, the detail on the wall-art is also one of features that I found quite astonishing.

Like most of the Tequila-drinking-party-goers crowd, the only way I know how to drink Tequila is by shooting it up. A’Toda Madre will show you what tequila really is all about: enjoyable . Yes! You can make tequila enjoyable and can be considered as a sophisticated drink as long as you know how to appreciate it.

Even George Clooney has his own tequila!

The formula for a perfect Tequila night is:

Good Tequila + Good Food + Good Friends + Good Conversation = an A’Toda Madre night!

What makes a good tequila? The first question you should ask when buying tequila is: “Is it 100 % Agave?” To prevent bad hang-overs we should first of all drink only quality Tequila. The Jose Cuervo that we all know is not actually considered as quality tequila, it lies in the branch of Mixto tequila which composes of only 51% agave and the rest is plainly flavouring and color, so a bad hangover is highly expected. A’Toda Madre only serves the Best Tequila - 100% Agave.

To fully enjoy and maximize the sleek Tequila flavour, it is best served with food pairings, thanks to Chef Maui. The first one we tried was Tequila in a cocktail. The Margarita de Casa (260 PHP) has a refreshing taste and only makes uses of Agave Nectar for sweetener. We paired it with their Chips and Salsa (175 PHP), which will be served hot, fresh, and crispy every time as it doesn’t simply come from a bag. It is only fried upon order and is served with their homemade salsa.

The Tequila bottles are as extensive as the Tequila itself. Some are even handmade. There are some Tequilas that take 8 years to grow, and would even take years to age, so taking it simply as shots would feel so wrong.

As Sante puts it, Tequila should be treated like a woman. You should respect and care for it, so you should drink it slowly and sip it like wine or cognac to really savour the taste and the smoothness of 100% Agave.

There are 4 expressions in Tequila (as quoted from A’Toda Madre’s menu):

1. Blanco – The purest of all Tequilas. This is where you get a taste of unadulterated, additive-free agave. It is un-aged and is clear in colour which is neat and smooth in every sip.

Try it out with their Nachos and Tostaditas (150-175 PHP), which is also a homemade crunchy tortilla. The Nachos with their homemade salsa has surprising kick to it and is simply addicting. The Tostaditas are filled with an explosion of flavours and I recommend trying all three!  

2. Reposado The “rested” Tequilas. This Tequila takes at least two months to a year aged in oak barrels, which gives it an oaky and earthy flavour.

Pair it with A’Toda Madre’s Chile Verde Burrito (250 PHP) and Fish Taco (165 PHP) to fully complement the earthy flavour of the Tequila. The Chile Verde Burrito will be the best you’ve ever had! It is a blend of nothing but truly Mexican flavours. The Fish Taco is a burst of freshness over battered Mahi-mahi fish which remains crispy all throughout.

3. AñejoAnejo Tequilas are like well-aged whisky. It is aged for at least one year and can go on for even up to more than three. It is often a perfect marriage of earthy agave and wood, packaged into ultra-smooth liquor in which you can find butterscotch and caramel notes.

We paired our Anejo Tequila with their delectable Mexican Flan (165 PHP) which has a hint of chili. It is indeed the perfect combination.

4. Extra AñejoThese Tequilas are a sort of subclass of anejos and encompass those tequilas aged for three or more years. In extra-anejos you will find tequilas that can rival 30-year-old whiskies and come with a price tag that reflects this fact. It is something best enjoyed slowly in order to savour that señority taste.

We ended our Tequila-filled day with an Andes shot which is a blend of chocolate and mint. It’s the perfect shooter to cap off the afternoon.

Now that you know how tequila can be an enjoyable drink, you should definitely head on over to A’Toda Madre for this life-changing tequila experience. 

Sante Perreras, Cammy, Bea, Mish, and Chef Maui

Sante truly taught us a lot about tequila and we will never look at tequila the same way again! As he puts it “life is too short not to give 100%”. Our night outs will surely be elevated to a whole new level! We can't thank you enough!

Photography: Bea Reyes 

A'Toda Madre 

GF Sunette Tower, 
Durban St. corner Makati Ave., 
Makati City
(beside City Garden Hotel and in front of Hotel Durban)

0998 985 5198

Mon - Sat: 5:00 pm - 2:00 am
Sun: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm