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10 Sexy Products Produced at the GK Enchanted Farm

Buy Local. Go Global. This is what keeps on ringing in my head. We can make our nation prosper, we can help end poverty if we start patronizing our own products. This would create more jobs and more opportunities for people. The task for entrepreneurs now is to be creative and innovative.

Algae Pond
The main goal of entrepreneurs is to make a simple product … sexy. How can we make lemon grass sexy? How can we make duck eggs sexy? If Philippine products are sexy enough for people to buy then it would generate more revenues.

The GK Enchanted Farm serves as a Social Enterprise Incubation Hub for entrepreneurs. Most of the GK businesses start here. Their products are first sold at the farm to tourists and visitors. Everything made and served in the kitchen also come from the farm and the businesses that start there.

Here are 10 Sexy Products Produced at the GK Enchanted Farm:

1. Herbs

I’ve always dreamt of having my own herb garden, and I cannot help but feel envy when I saw the one at the farm.

Herbs such as Oregano and Dill grew just around the corner. You can buy one to grow in your own home for as low as 50 PHP.

2. Vermicool

Yup, that's worm poo!

The Vermicomposting section’s main man is the African Night Crawler. Unlike other worms used for composting, the African Night Crawler makes fertilizer that is more refined and is proven to be better for all types of plants. 

It is given compost materials such as fruits, vegetables, peelings, and wastes from animals that are herbivores. A kilo of fertilizer costs 50 PHP.

3. Golden Duck

I love red eggs, well, I did, till I found out that the preservatives manufacturers use to produce the red egg is actually hazardous to one’s health. A healthier alternative to the salted red egg would be the Golden Duck Egg.

As fancy as it may sound, the golden colour is simply produced by using turmeric, which is also proven to prevent common illnesses. A golden egg is priced at 140 PHP for half a dozen.
            0917 723 4821

4. Gourmet Keso

One of my other local favourites is the Kesong Puti or White Cheese. Instead of using cow milk, which is very common, Gourmet Keso opted to use Carabao Milk as it is locally acquired in the Philippines.

 They also have other products such as carabao milk and cream cheese. The use of carabao milk in their products makes the flavours edgier, so I highly recommend this product. A pack of white cheese costs 100 PHP/ 100 grams, Carabao milk is priced at 50 PHP/ bottle.

I even had a chance to make one and believe me, it’s easier than it looks.

09153461008 / 09998893960

5. First Harvest

Peanut Butter! I also made peanut butter and it was also quite simple.

Mothers from the GK Enchanted Farm make this product. What makes the First Harvest peanut butter special is that its most important ingredient is the mothers’ love pinched into every bottle.

You can choose from either the natural or crispy flavour. A jar of peanut butter costs as low as 140 PHP.

0905 382 4447

6. Kabutehan

One of the other products that I found quite interesting at the GK farm was one social entrepreneur’s mushroom business called “Kabutehan” – a play on words with the Filipino term for goodness and mushrooms.

He grows, cultivates, and serves Oyster mushrooms which is believed to be a “magic mushroom” due to its disease-preventing qualities. These mushrooms can be used for cooking but you may also purchase mushroom chips at the farm.

7. Theo and Philo

Chocolates! Need I say more? I literally couldn’t stop myself from eating all these chocolates though I’m allergic to it. The flavours they have are one of a kind! Chocolate infused with siling labuyo?! Chocolate Turon? Chocolate Adobo with Peppercorn?? I can go on and on and on but it’d be better if you checked it out yourself. A bar costs 100 PHP. You may check out their site to know more about where these yummy products can be purchased.


8.  Human Nature

Human Nature is another social enterprise that provides natural, organic, and eco-friendly products such as cosmetics, baby, and pet merchandises. This establishment is pro-poor, pro-Philippines, and pro-environment.

9. Bayani Brew

Planting Lemon Grass

I’m pretty sure a number of people were curious when they first saw Bayani Brew bottles circling the market. The packaging was classy and catchy. I expected it to be sweet and filled with lots of artificial flavouring but I was wrong.

This refreshing product is of export quality. The drinks are made with lemon grass and sweet potato among other ingredients, which is, as a matter of fact, locally grown at the GK Enchanted Farm. This brand currently has 2 flavours: Bayani Brew Classic and Bayani Brew Purple Leaf. A bottle of Bayani Brew costs 40 PHP.

10. Plush and Play

This social enterprise manufactures stuffed-toys made out of felt which is loved by both children and adults.

Their themed toys will surely leave an impression as it is named with catchy titles such as Jessica Saging, Manny Pakwan, Buko Martin, and Maria Mangga.

All these items can be easily bought at the souvenir shop at the GK Enchanted Farm. If you plan to buy these items outside of Bulacan then you may check out their websites and facebook pages to know more about it. All these are 100 % Filipino made and manufactured. Do your part in making this nation a better place to live in. Buy Local. Go Global.


GK Hearquarters - 2nd Floor, Cheng Building, 212 Haig Street, Brgy. Daang-Bakal, Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1552

GK Enchanted Farm - California St., Pandi Angat Road, Angat, Bulacan, Philippines

How to get there via NLEX:

The GK Enchanted Farm is 50 km from Quezon City, Metro Manila. From the Balintawak Toll Gate of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), take the Bocaue Exit (total distance 33.5km).

From the Bocaue Exit (16km), turn right towards Sta. Maria via Bocaue Road and take a left when you see PTT Gas Station (1.2km). Turn left upon reaching the Walter Mart intersection (0.8km) and turn right at Win Gas Station (0.3km). Follow the Pandi-Angat Road by hanging right, until you see Encanto Elementary School, where you turn left at California St. to enter the site.

Official Website:

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GK Enchanted Farm: 0916 225 3363


Twitter and Instagram: gkenchantedfarm


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