Sunday, May 25, 2014

RAKET.PH: They Know The Guy

The saying “Jack of all trades and master of none” should be null and void. Living in the Philippines has implicitly taught its citizens how to live based on diskarte along side with life’s guiding principles, of course. My motto in life is that it's an asset know a little bit of everything and a lot about something.

I am a teacher by profession; however, my life doesn’t purely revolve around teaching. I can also cook, engage in entrepreneurship, write, and… party! I always tell myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. I believe that I share the same sentiment with a number of people.

People would often question themselves, HOW? How do I market myself? and for others, How do I  find the right person to get the job done? No need to worry as solves that problem for you. This group envisions a world where the Filipino value of bayanihan can be not only promoted, but as well as practiced. It organizes a group of freelancers and professionals from various professions and with various skills and talents in order to share their craft and passion.

Whether or not they have a day job, Filipinos would consistently pursue rakets or sidelines not only as a source of livelihood but as well as to showcase what one simply loves doing. encourages people from across cultures, classes, generations, and what not, to view employment as something accessible and character-building.

Do you simply want to get a job done? will find The Right Guy for you. You can browse through their website which provides a directory of professionals and freelance individuals who need to engage their services. You need not to worry about bogus deals as will allow you to view recommendations and comments on each profile to ensure the authenticity of each service.

This is how your profile will look like to the public. You can check out mine at: Cammy Aioki @

Everyone should join this revolution. You can do this simply by following these steps:

 - Create a profile at using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or even your e-mail in case you don’t have the mentioned social media accounts.

- Once registered you are now “For Hire”. You start off as a “Rookie”.

-Earn points and badges every time you get recommendations and reviews from your previous rakets (The badges are as follows: Rookie – Junior – Specialist – Expert – Master). 

To know more about what is all about, you may view this awesome video: