Monday, March 17, 2014

Macklemore Vibe: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis in Manila

March 16, 2014 marks the very first concert of the Thrift Shop king here in Manila. It was no surprise that his song “Thrift Shop” topped the charts worldwide. Aside from its catchy beat, the lyrics without a doubt related to people of all sorts.

It was especially popular in countries like the Philippines where tingi-tingi/ sachet mentally is prevalent. Filipinos sell almost everything from shampoos, soap, toothpaste, food, etc in the tiniest packages.

Thrift Shops or Ukay Ukays are also very popular here. When the song made its debut, everyone literally experienced a major LSS.

We were given the very rare opportunity to watch the Thrift Shop King Live and upfront through Viber, thanks to our friend Lyanne.

The concert’s opening act which included Those Damn Nerds and Mars Miranda hyped up the crowd just in time for his performance.

The concert began with an outburst of smoke and fire. The crowd went ballistic the moment Macklemore uttered the first word to his rap.

He is indeed an astounding entertainer. A surprising fact is that his performances are pumped up purely on endorphins. No drugs. No alcohol (maybe a bit). The crowd sang and danced to Thrift Shop, White Walls, Same Love, And We Danced, and Can't hold us, among many others.

He proudly narrated about his life and how nothing great ever comes easy. He’s at a new life now ever since he got out of rehab.

What you see is what you get. He is as wacky, spontaneous and as unpredictable as what you expected him to be.  

I appreciate how Macklemore truly adores his fans. He would go near the audience every chance he gets.

Here, you can see him attempting to walk on people. His second attempt to crowd surf, was a success. It was too bad that I wasn’t able to take a photo of that moment as I was too busy grabbing him!!!

He would constantly narrate how his success is achieved not purely on his own personal efforts but through the collective efforts of his friends and family.

Macklemore made sure to it that he expressed how he is ever so thankful for how Ryan Lewis inspired him to be the person that he is now, and without him he would be nothing.

Just as I thought I’ve reached the climax of my day, we were lucky enough to grab (literally grab) a little souvenir from that night – Ryan Lewis’ mallet!!!

The concert was more than a success. It was… Legen…waitforit...fuckin…dary!