Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Just a few hours after our SMART7107 Day 1 experience, here we are at it again for what could be the most Epic Night of our lives!!! The line-up for the second day presented a larger-than-life experience.


Before anything else, my friends and I wanted to make sure that we were “nourished” before going to the event proper. Based on the line-up, we guessed that we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere once the day started… and we were right!!! We were standing by the main stage for literally 8 ½ hours! Who would’ve ever thought that I would be able to survive that! SMART 7107 really tested my stamina and endurance. We started off the day by going to SM Clark for some F&D. As we were on our way to the car, something inside me whispered how I should try my luck at the lotto booth. After buying 1 scratch card… I was soooo surprised to find out that I won!!!!! That’s some SMART7107 luck! What a great way to start-off the day!

As we arrived at the venue, Nadz and I leaped to the Main stage while the rest of our friends bought refreshments. To our luck, Up Dharma Down was just about to get up on the stage. Bands like UDD make me musically proud as a Filipino. They clearly know what good music is all about. The music they play is as melodic as a lullaby. Their songs are what people can actually relate to. That’s why I’m not surprised how their fan base extended beyond the Filipino people.

Up next was Scarlet Heroes. They played Punk Rock music and interacted with the crowd in every sense possible. I liked how their lead singer sang from the heart and how he’d constantly Eye Fuck the crowd.  Note: I winked at him and he winked back! The lead guitarist was amazing as well.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus came in with high energies that got the crowd going. I personally didn't know the lyrics to their songs but  I was still dancing and humming to the songs they played. I tingled when the lead singer asked his girlfriend, who is a Filipina, to come up stage and sing with him. That was really sweet!

As the day went dimmer and dimmer, the artists were getting hotter and hotter. Our hearts were pounding faster and faster and our bladders were…. Well, our bladders were already full!!! Nevertheless, we didn’t want to lose our spot so we just held it in.

We were then off to a different set of music from Kendrick Lamar. I was surprised to find out that even girls knew the lyrics of his songs. And I mean they actually KNEW it word for effin word! I was amazed at the choir of rappers from the crowd.

Kendrick Lamar was incredible! He was rapping even when he was talking. The crowd went ballistic when he said exclaimed how much he liked weed =p

Next up was Empire of the Sun. The set-up for the performance was longer compared to the usual so we were given ample time to relax and rejuvenate on the grass. After a while, we grew curious as the crew were bringing in all sorts of props.

By this time we knew what we were up for. Empire of the Sun’s performance was a full-set production! They had quite a number of dancers and different paraphernalia all throughout.

They really owned the stage. The crowd went wild when the lead singer went down. Well of course, everyone wanted to touch him and take photos with him.

While they were playing Alive, I went up on Adrianne’s shoulders and took a “selfie” with the crowd. This is by far my favourite shot of all time! Thank you Adrianne!

I didn’t want their performance to end but it was about time we bid our farewells.

We were sad but we knew that something bigger was coming!!!! RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! If only I could add more exclamation marks, I would!

The moment I heard the first strum of the guitar, I felt like everything in my bladder was about to come out! Yet, I didn’t care! I had mixed emotions! I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or laugh or scream. Maybe I wanted to do everything all at the same time!

The first song they played was “Can’t Stop”. The crowd went wild! Everyone was singing and screaming!

Their music is indeed timeless as their band is heavily known across generations. RHCP make music that lasts a lifetime.

I grab every every chance I get to snap a photo of them. This is something I will remember for the rest of my life. The screen behind had a fantastic set-up as well. I was given the impression that everything projected on the screen was pre-recorded, but it was definitely not! They were able to smoothly transition the live recording from the pre-recorded ones.

When they ended their performance, people definitely wanted an encore. The chants for “we want more!” grew louder and longer than I expected. In the end, it started with a beat of the drums, then with Flea walking on his hands! It can’t get wackier than that.

The last day of our SMART 7107 experience ended with a dramatic fireworks presentation (just like the first day). I couldn’t believe how I was actually able to experience such a memorable event! I get chills while looking at the photos even until now! I couldn’t believe it. It  felt like a dream. Yet again, it was a dream turned into reality. Thank you SMART 7107!!! Till the next one!

Keep posted to watch the videos I took during the #SMART7107 concert :)