Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SMART 7107 IMF Day 1!

EAT. SLEEP. RAVE. REPEAT. This has been my motto for the entire SMART7107 weekend. My friends and I have been privileged to become part of the first ever International Music Festival in the Philippines.  

February 22-23 2014 marks the best weekend of our lives! We are all ever so grateful to SMART for showing us how we could Live More. SMART7107 was a two-day concert/party which was held at Global Gateway in Clark, Pampanga. It started at 12nn and ended at around 12 midnight.


A couple of months ago, rumors spread across the nation on certain anomalies regarding the event. Nevertheless, I opted to ignore those nasty rumors and focus on the bigger goals of the event: Tourism and to give people something that they could take home with them and remember for the rest of their lives.

Organizing an event as immense as this has probably been nerve-wrecking! I am sure of one thing though: it required a great deal of dedication and hardwork from the organizers.

When we arrived at the event venue, our hearts pounded so fast and our palms sweated like it has never been before! As we saw the eagle from afar, we knew that we were getting closer and closer to the beginning of what would probably be the most epic weekend, EVER!  

One of the first things we did was (of course) take photo-ops! After that we, bought beer and visited the SMART booth. There, we were given the chance to meet the guys from Follow Natives. How cool is that? Kudos to our SMART Digital Team Baby girl Kimberly and to the rest of her team for showing us how to live more! Definitely one for the books! =) We Love you and you did a good job!!! =)

We used the 7107 app to guide us through the event. It helped us decide on what stage we’d go to first. It was very efficient as it helped us save time and energy as the notifications were very updated.

What I liked about SMART7107 is how it promoted both international and local artists. The price one paid to witness their favourite artists perform, among many others, is more than worth it when you look at it from a cumulative perspective.


The first act we went to was DJ Riddler’s. He offered beats that one simply cannot stop to dance to. The crowd went crazy and we were just dancing and fist-pumping the entire time.

Just as we were clamoring for some local blood, we were notified by the 7107 app that Kjwan was playing on the second stage so we rushed to the front. Marc Abaya is one hell of a performer! His concerts are so interactive that he makes the audience feel involved and at one with him. He has a certain suave which most guys emulate and which all guys definitely need!

After Kjwan’s performance, we rushed to the main stage for DJ Alvaro’s set. His set was so amazing that we never had a dull moment while he was on stage.

The best part of his performance was when we were all asked to sit down and jump as soon as he turned up the beat. Everyone had a great time indeed!

I must say that I was really impressed with how fast SMART's LTE was! I was literally uploading pictures right there then to keep my friends and family updated on SMART7107. We truly Live More with Smart.

Just when I thought that it couldn’t get better than that… DJ Alvaro goes down the stage and being the thick-faced that I am, I asked him if we could take a “selfie” and he said “sure!”. THAT WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY NIGHT! =*

Day 1 closed with Kaskade on stage. By this time, I expected everyone, including myself, to be tired and life-less, but NO! With or without alcohol, we were dancing and fist-pumping during Kaskade’s set. 

It was definitely a remarkable first day! By the end of Day 1, we all found ourselves in this situation: 

Keep posted to know more about what happened on the 2nd day of SMART7101.