Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Graduate

June 1, 2013 marks the biggest day of my life, so far. Graduating with a College Degree is amazing, but graduating with a Masters Degree goes beyond my wildest dreams. Who would've thought that I'd actually finish it? Even I didnt. All those sleepless nights, struggling to balance work, school, and my social life has finally paid-off. It wasn't easy. I am proud to say, I did it!

I am a rebel at heart, so, even on my graduation day, I decided to be unconventional. To wear the shortest dress and high heels on our big day is too mainstream. I decided to wear a high-low top, long skirt, flats, and a crowd-stopping necklace (Pardon the poor quality pictures. We used only my phone for taking these shots as we were in a rush).

Top: Bazaar, Necklace: Pandora's Box (Custom-made), Skirt: Rated E, Shoes: Yosi Samra, Watch: Wenger

After the graduation, we celebrated at Casa Roces in Malacanang. It was a beautiful house formerly owned by the Roces' which was then converted into a fine dining restaurant.


The food's really good. My cousins probably wiped out all the dessert. I will write about this soon.

My dad planned for my graduation dinner to be a surprise. He even asked my sister to contact my friends and officemates. However, he told me about my grad dinner a couple of weeks before the actual day. So, my friends were a bit perplexed when I invited them for my "surprise" grad party. Nevertheless, it was the sweetest gesture!

I shamelessly cried when the time came for my dad to give me my graduation gift. I cried like a baby (emo much?)! I was too busy with my life that I didn't even have the time to "ask" for a graduation gift. I guess I didn't really have to. Fatherly instinct. He always knows what I want.

I cried even more when I viewed the AVP that my sister made for me. Reading her sweet heart-warming notes and looking at the blast-from-the-past pictures made me cry and cringe at the same time.

I have the best family in the world! I love you all!

After the dinner, we went to our after-party at URBN. I had to change my outfit, of course. Again, sorry for the poor quality pictures. This cut-out dress would probably be my favorite LBD. The cut-out accentuates the midsection of my body in the right places.

Dress: GVC Couture, Shoes: Forever21, Watch: Wenger


 It was the perfect place to wrap-up this unforgettable day.