Monday, June 10, 2013

Pino Resto Bar + Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant

There's nothing like enjoying the company of your friends over good food and good drinks. A few months ago, I discovered Pino/ Pipino located along Jupiter st. in Makati as I was scouting for restaurants where I could intimately bond with my bestfriend.

Pino's Makati branch is just about 5-7 minutes away from my house, without traffic, that's why it is no surprise that we frequent the place. Their other branch is located at Quezon City. Pino and Pipino will always be located side-by-side. Although both are located at the same area, each name represents a similar yet distinct vision on the way by which Filipino food should be served and enjoyed.

Both offer Filipino fusion meals. However, the difference between these two is that Pipino serves only vegetarian meals. This is perfect for those who want to enjoy the same traditional Filipino flavours without having to ingest any animal by-product. You can definitely experience the best of both worlds.   

The artistic decor adds to the warm and cozy ambiance. I find the paintings and wall art truly one of a kind. The interior design is as arbitrary as the food they serve. There are certain items on the menu wherein I would question myself whether or not these flavours actually complement each other. You would be astonished by how they unconventionally serve Filipino food. Each item on the menu is indeed mouth-watering

Buffalo Chicken Skin

Nori Cheese Sticks

Wasabi Onion Rings

Buttered Rice Side Order

Aside from their delightful food and drinks, I also commend the restaurant for their friendly and hospitable staff. Everytime we come there, we are greeted with big smiles and warm welcomes.

Bacon and Cheese-stuffed Chicken Breast

Crispy Shrimps with Salted Egg

When we come to Pino, I make sure to it that I let one of their servers, Diet, know so that he can reserve my favourite seat for us as it is usually packed on lunch and dinner. He is always right at our service! 

Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Kare-kare

The Vegetable Curry and Vegetable Kare-kare would probably be my personal favourite from Pipino's vegetarian menu.  

Flavoured Beers!

When you visit Pino, make sure you try their flavoured beers! I'm proud to say that I've tried all flavours. I'm addicted to their honeymansi and strawberry beer, but you may choose from: Green Apple, Strawberry, Honeynmansi, Watermelon, Cucumber, Lychee, and Peach.

Mango-Banana Peanut Butter Roll

Chunky Choco Tempura

Chunky Choco Tempura

Mango Sans Rival

Choco Turon

You can't fully satisfy your palette without trying Pino's luscious desserts. Make sure you leave room for that sinful finale.  

Awkward smile as usual

My last visit to Pino was just last saturday, June 8 2013. I decided to wear a simple, 3/4 sleeve, black dress cut 2 inches above the knee in order to achieve that "prim and proper" look. Yes, I can be conservative too. 

I love this dress because the printed outline emphasizes the curves of my body.

Dress: Blanc Noir, Shoes: Yosi SamraWatch: Wenger, Bag (no close-up)Mango


38 Jupiter St. Bel-air, Makati City
39 Malingap St. Teacher Village, East, Quezon City

Operating Hours:

Monday - Sunday: 11AM - 2PM; 5PM - 1AM (MC)
Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 2PM; 5PM - 12MN (QC)
Sundays: 10AM - 2PM; 5PM - 10PM (QC)

Contact Numbers:

(02) 550-1781 (Makati City)
(02) 441-1773 (Quezon City)
(02) 2121212 (Delivery)