Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Manila Zoo

For the longest time, I’ve been nagging my friends to come with me to Manila Zoo. Luckily, on one random day, my bestfriend Kimberly agreed to come with me. 

I remember going here when I was in my grade school years but I was really intrigued to see how it looks now. There were actually a lot of changes and developments. The entrance fee is only 40php!!!

The first thing you’ll see when you enter the zoo would be the controversial elephant. I heard on the news that there are issues surrounding the placement of this elephant in Manila Zoo. At first, I thought it was crazy. But then, upon seeing his condition in the zoo, I realized that the advocates had a point. Don’t get me wrong, the zoo keepers are doing their best to care for this animal but then it may just not be enough. The environment in itself may just be too depressing and lonely for the creature. When we got there, it actually refused to go out of it’s cage.  Maybe another elephant could keep it company?

This hippo is just really too cute for my life!! He/ she’s kinda filthy though. But then I’m glad I got to see it out of the water!


We discovered this Information Booth with pictures, announcements, and a vendo machine. It could be of use if the staff constantly updated it.

It was really cool and windy around Manila Zoo but if you feel like munching on something cold, you’ll see ice cream vendors walking around! Very convenient! Just be sure to dispose of your trash properly.

We also saw birds out of the cage. I desperately wanted to take Kim’s picture beside the bird but then she was too scared and she moved really slow it flew away!!!!

There were a lot of varieties of birds, and they were nice to look at but then i couldn’t help but notice the stench coming from the cages. It was filthy and unsanitary.

There's even a playground which children (and adults?) could enjoy. I really wanted to go to the slide but I was too embarassed!

These birds are very friendly and talented! They have birds that can talk, play dead, put coins in a coin bank, and many more!!! Better not miss this!

We even saw a baby crocodile. I can't believe I actually had the courage to carry it.

My bestfriend, however, was freaking-out so she just opt to poke it.

Would you believe me if I told you that we had fans? They asked for a photo with us. Too bad I was looking at the other camera :(

I read that this spot was newly renovated. There were a lot of huge fishes. It was actually very soothing to look at.

Our last activity for the day was the boat ride. It costs only 60 pesos for the whole boat which could fit five people. If you want to someone to row the boat for you then you could for an additional 30php.

It was very exciting. Our only problem was figuring out how to synchronize rowing the boat together! We struggled and we got tired so easily, but it was worth it all. People even helped us by pushing our boat from the back.

Be careful with this bridge. As you pass through it, be sure to duck so you won’t hit your head.

At the end of a long day, you could replenish all the calories you burned from the tour at the Food Court located near the boat ride.

Our Manila Zoo trip was really an experience! I must admit, the place could do better in terms of cleanliness and sanitation but then I do see the efforts. Slowly, the management tries to improve the facility through the renovations and additional attractions. They even have a kinder zoo, which we weren’t able to go to. Manila Zoo is a good place to tour, especially for children. Let us all support its improvement by dropping by one of these days!