Monday, May 20, 2013

Avicii Live in Manila 2013

Last May 15, 2013, Tim Bergling, or more popularly known as Avicii conquered the SM Arena with his captivating and hypnotic set. His concert was originally scheduled for April 4 but got moved to May, along with the other countries in his Asia tour, due to health reasons.

If you don't know Avicii then you probably know his songs as it is constantly looped in radios, bars, clubs, restaurants, you name it.

Some of the songs that he's popularized are: levels, silhouettes, I could be the one, fade into darkness, and seek bromance.

My friend Camille and I were lucky enough to score All Access Passes for this event wherein we had the opportunity to get in the backstage. As we entered the Arena, we felt the crowd going crazy over the opening act. Marlon from BassJackers definitely hyped up the crowd in preparation for Avicii. In between dancing and fist pumping, I found myself gazing over the crowd and realized how tantalized the people were by not only his charm but also his skill in making good music.




By the time the crew rolled out Marlon's set, we knew that the moment we've all been waiting for is about to come. The large curtain covering the stage reflected Avicii's logo.

Suddenlly, his shadow pops out of nowhere. Next thing I know, I hear the ballistic crowd screaming and dancing to "I could be the one".



Avicii's set showcased astounding graphics. It was indeed hypnotic. I couldn't get my eyes off the one-of-a-kind visuals. The transition from one graphic to another was as smooth as silk.

 The part I enjoyed the most was when the roller coaster video projected on stage. The quality of the graphics was so flabbergasting that it felt like we were riding an actual roller coaster.

I was amazed by how Avicii was able to withstand 3 hours of non-stop music. The crowd definitely had a blast. Before the concert ended, he even played one more song as a farewell to Manila. Avicii, you absolutely know how to throw one hell of a party! Till the nextime!