Sunday, March 31, 2013

La Mesa EcoPark

Everyone knows how I am truly, madly, deeply in love with Manila's night life and fast pace. However, there are some days when I crave for peace, serenity, and a breath of fresh air. We all do, right? I found out that there's a place not too far from Quezon city where I can actually get this earthy experience. I discovered a place called La Mesa EcoPark.

I was very lucky because my good friends Nadz and Kim agreed to come with me on this unconventional escapade. We started our adventure at 11am on a Saturday, hence it was not traffic at all. Directions could be a bit tricky but we found our way thanks to an IPhone app from Kim's phone called Waze which gives you both visual and auditory directions! It can tell you how far you are from the turns and from your actual destination. It's very safe for driving as you won't have to constantly look at your map.

We felt overjoyed and relieved when we arrived at our destination. There are a number of activities you could enjoy at La Mesa EcoPark aside from the greenery and fresh air.

Once you enter, the first thing you have to do is get a parking pass. I was also happy to find out that parking was FREE! Don't forget to pass by the briefing area just right across the parking lot so you could grab a brochure which has the park map, list of activities and fees. From there on, you just have to pay the entrance fee then you can begin your tour. I suggest that you also purchase the ticket at the same booth for the Butterfly Garden as it could be your first destination.

The Butterfly Garden was also very educational. Before you enter the garden, there would be an area where they show the different stages of the butterfly. The guy manning the booth would be more than happy to expound your knowledge on this. We were told that there were 500 butterflies inside the garden. Some even land on your head, hands, or body.

The walk from the butterfly garden can be quite long but it was relaxing as we were surrounded by greenery. If you feel like swimming then you can drop by either of their two pool areas. 

If you're feeling a bit risky then you can try out the bungee jumping which was absolutely nerve wracking. Kim and I had spaghetti legs after but it was a different kind of experience.

Beside the bungee jumping would be the archery range. Archery is a really exciting sport but then it's much more difficult than it seems. A massive amount of upper body strength is needed just to release that arrow. My friend Nadz who tried it out can testify to that.

Other activities you could enjoy are horseback riding and fishing. Horseback riding was rather short but relaxing. I pity the horses though as it looked too small to carry all three of us, but then it was able to anyway.

I was also excited to go fishing but I wasn't able to catch any probably because the fishes in the lagoon were too small or I just didn't have the patience to sit and wait for a catch. It indeed takes perseverance and time.

You can also tour the Orchidarium which displayed different types of plants and flowers aside from Orchids.

Apart from all the activities we've done I was disappointed to find out that the boating and biking were temporary closed due to an on-going construction. Hopefully they open it when we decide to go back.

After a long day you could drop by the different food stalls and grab a quick snack or even a full meal. There are tons of stalls to choose from. If you feel like munching on something on the way then you could even buy some cotton candy or dirty ice cream.

Before your adventure ends, you might want buy something from their souvenir shop to remind you of your La Mesa EcoPark experience. Enjoy!

Park Fees and Educational Tour Packages:

Park Map:

La Mesa Dam Compound, Greater Lagro Quezon City

Contact Numbers:

Official Website: La Mesa EcoPark

Facebook: La Mesa EcoPark
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