Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pondo ng Pinoy

Have you ever found yourself left with abundant coins that you've gotten as spare change? Well I have. There were even times when I was able to collect almost 2000php worth of coins! Don't know what to do with them? Here's a tip. I started setting up a "Pondo ng Pinoy" container in our home.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HERO Foundation, Inc.


Hero Foundation, Inc is an NGO that supports the children of our fallen soldiers - those who have passed and those who have been permanently incapacitated. They bring pride and valor to our nation and at the same time, risking their own lives and the lives of their families. They are true Heroes. It is our turn to give back. The children of these soldiers should receive proper education. I believe that education is a right that should never be denied to a child. We too can be heroes in our own little way. Donating a small amount or supporting even just one scholar can make a big difference as long as it comes from the bottom of your heart <3

A percentage of your purchases from Pandora's Box is donated to this organization to provide scholarship for a child. Thank you for all the help. Again, this couldn't have been possible without you!

You may check out their official website:  Hero Foundation, Inc for donations, for those seeking to provide scholarships and for other information.